Plastic injection mould making

Plastic injection mould making is a time consuming and complex process. In order to achieve a complete and quality construction, precision approximating millimetres, methodicality and appropriate equipment are required.

we have a fully equipped machine shop, specially designed, for the manufacture of plastic moulds. Vertical CNC machining centre ensures quality machining with the precision of 0.002mm.


Our range of machinery includes:

  • CNC milling machine

  • immersion electrodeposition

  • Surface rectifier

  • Bridgeport milling machine

  • Lathe
  • drill colonnade etc.

The main steps for the manufacture of plastic injection mould.

Study and design

The study and design shall include all the data related to the function of the mold in accordance with the requirements of the designed product.

Selection of materials

The moulding materials are selected according to the requirements of the product. we use a wide range of speciality steel to satisfy any need and extend the life of the mold.


We have at our disposal the machinery required to make the moulds, we are able to manufacture a mould thoroughly without having to "change hands" at the expense of the person concerned,